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    Ludomed and Ugo Basile Commercial Office:

    "We produce jackets that are specially designed to ensure comfort and prioritize welfare"

    • Animal Jackets
    • Animal Collars
    • Animal Slings
    • Pockets

    Building on 15 years of preclinical research experience, Ludomed is a new market player and manufacturer based in the province of Quebec, Canada.We are dedicated to serving the international scientific community with high-quality products that actively facilitate scientific advances. 

    "Your trusted partner in behavioral research serving science and creating devices since 1963"


    • Behavioural neurosciences
    • Animal physiology and pharmacology
    • Video-tracking and automation
    • Research on pain
    • Metabolism                                       

    Thousands of hits in the major bibliographic search engines make Ugo Basile a world leading manufacturer of classic but innovative tools used in scientific labs worldwide  

    ventilation pharmacology physiology (pdf)


    Pain inflammation motor coordination (pdf)


    behaviour learning memory (pdf)


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    About Us


    Created in 2016, VIVO-TECH manages the French-speaking European offices of LUDOMED Inc. based in QUÉBEC, CANADA and UGO BASILE based in Milan , ITALY.

    We support all university research laboratories, public and private, Biotech and CRO. Primarily on the French, Belgian, Swiss and Luxemburgish markets.

    VIVO-TECH broad field of actions includes  a  direct support to help you:

    - Quick budget formulation for a lab meeting

    - Proposal for a response to a tender, development or adaptation based on  existing equipments.

    - We provide on request: delivery-installation and training for use in situation of your equipment and software.

    If we do not find an instrument that satisfy you, we will reorient you to the best companies in the field without delay.


    UGO BASILE has been working for more than 50 years to develop the best technology for experimental studies in pharmacology and behavioral neuroscience. Our engineers design and market instruments and software for studying the behavior, physiology and pharmacological efficacy of new molecules on murine models (laboratory rats and mice). Our instruments are running in the laboratories of more than 150 countries around the world and we have a bibliography made of  tens of thousands scientific citations in all fields.


    LUDOMED is a Canadian SME created in 2016 and specializing in design and sewing and assembly of technical woven and plastic parts for toxicology and safety pharmacology studies.

    We produce jackets specifically designed to ensure comfort and prioritize well-being while being ultra-resistant and fully customizable to your needs.

    Our products are dedicated to protocols requiring infusion technologies or ambulatory physiological recordings.

    In addition to our tailor-made know-how, our preclinical-oriented range incorporates very durable standard products such as elisabeth vests / collars and restraining harnesses.

    What is new ?

    We publish several times a year information on our latest developments, the list of symposia where to meet us. We do not harass our customers and you you can unsubscribe anytime.

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    "We learn from our customers working together at the  bench, and we will come to see you as soon as possible.

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